Encompass Project Impacts

Energy and Environment
The ENCOMPASS will enable the aerospace sector to adopt AM technology more quickly and effectively.

This would allow to save up to 886,062 ton CO_2

A study from Northwestern University (ELMS, 2015) found that metal AM parts could reduce aircraft weight by up to 7% resulting in significant reductions in lead to lower fuel consumption and reduced CO_2, NO_X and particles emissions.

  • Will help to increase economic growth and create new jobs in Europe by increasing EUs competitiveness across the laser based AM manufacturing value chain.
  • Will enhance the uptake of AM by making the AM process faster and cheaper.

Quality of life, health and safety

  • Lower emissions lead to lower pollution
  • With the uptake of AM instead of machining, the working environment will be improved as workers will be less exposed to metal working fluids used in this type of process.

The use of AM for medical implants have several advantages, such as:
  • Reduction in waiting time for customized implants.

Reduction in operation time (during surgery) as individualised implants are easier to fit:
  • Lowers complication rates
  • Improves hospital efficiency
  • Longer implant life