Encompass Overall Objectives

  • Integrated Design Decision Support (IDDS) system

  • The integration at digital level enables numerous synergies between the steps in the process chain and in addition, the steps themselves (design, build and post-build processes) are being optimised by ENCOMPASS to improve the capability and efficiency of the overall manufacturing chain

  • Allow Europe to achieve global leadership in this important field of net-shape AM

Key features

The successful implementation of the ENCOMPASS project through our consortium will optimise AM post processing, enabling an average 42% reduction in time from ‘design to piece’, and an average 27% increase in process chain productivity. The associated cost of production will be reduced by 26%. This is achieved by:

  • 46% - average reduction in post processing time
  • 51% - average reduction in quality control time
  • 43% - average reduction in design time

Calculation procedure validated using EU AMAZE project methodology